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The heart of an enterprise app is its ability to execute business processes, services and rules. The apps which are built using declarative languages (through just configuration instead of coding) may show limitations when used to support complex business rules, logic or processes. Lack of strong rules and process system makes it impossible to implement many of your complex requirements.

Biz First rightly identified this issue in traditional App development tools and custom-built a highly flexible Rules Management System. Now you can simply plug-in a customized rule/logic in every event of your app. For example, you can configure to run a program-logic when a Textbox is loaded into the page or when a menu item is clicked.

Decision First also offers several rules for you to reuse. If you find these rules not sufficient – you are free to go ahead and create your own. Trust us – you can even build very complex business logic, decision, action and/or rule by making use of this system.