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Our advanced app builder allows you the option to reuse components including UI, business and data components.

Allowing a business owner or enterprise IT team to quickly develop high quality business applications.

Development with Apps First is 90% faster than traditional platforms and therefor 90% more affordable.

How Simple Is It?

Step 1

Understand the screens you want and the data you need

Step 2

Let the wizards guide you as you create forms, controls, rules, and data components.

Step 3

Launch Your App!

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It’s your product! Your vision! Dont take months to make you vision a reality!
  • Host it on the cloud, your own private servers, or on premise according to your needs.
  • Unbelievably Cost Effective

Cost Analysis: An app developed in a traditional java language was estimated to cost $50,000, where a superior app can be developed using Apps First for just under $99.

A major breakthrough for the software industry! TRY IT FOR YOURSELF

The Transformative Apps First Difference
Its Easy
Develop and host your app with a single day’s effort.

It used to be hard to develop a website, but now it can easily be done by novices with no programming expertise. We are putting application development through the same process of self-service simplification.

With Apps First software development has become a breeze.

Anyone Can make Their Own High-Quality Enterprise Grade Business Applications with Apps First.

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“Excellent Administrative Control, Scalability, and Monitoring.”

We understand the architectural and security requirements of major enterprises, which is why we’ve built the features and infrastructure into this platform. You can relax and get the job done with the speed and grace of Apps First.

Apps developed using Apps First are:

  • Stable
  • Secure
  • High quality

Now you can focus on your business instead of technical issues and development hassles.

Even as a small business or solopreneur you can use our system to develop your business applications. It's fast, easy, and infinitely more affordable!

Fabulous App Creation for both The Everyday Joe and The Pros.

You may have noticed that Platform as a Service (PaaS) is pretty popular these days. There are plenty of app development tools available in the market, offering users an opportunity to custom develop their business applications. If you've ever tried to use one to develop database apps before, you might have soon realized that you could not achieve exactly what you need. Most existing PaaS solutions are designed to support professional coders. We have refined our innovative solution so that general users can do it on their own without the fuss and complication.

We have developed a powerful, effective, and simplified application development experience. Try making yours now. You don't even need a developer.

Lightning Fast App Development is 90% More Affordable Because It’s 90% Faster!

Build a custom application in just 60 minutes.

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What Makes Apps First so Lightning Fast?
A Cloud Based Application Development Environment With Reusable Assets. Our System Allows You To Reuse Components, Cutting Development Time and Cost by 90%!

It's Easy to Create Custom Reusable Code Because Our Wizards Guide You All The Way.

The Apps First wizards help you develop apps faster.

You can create a new feature in as little as a minute or two – and your feature will be reusable, redeployable in for any new instance or entity.

Apps First wizards also take care of complex data scenarios, and create readily available use cases for you.

When the Wizard creates a use case, it also creates several UI, Data, Rule, Security components. Unlike our competitors, Apps First creates these components in a very loosely coupled fashion, making it extremely flexible to change whatever you want, whenever you want. A true differentiator.

Explore What The Wizards Can Do:

  • Enhancing Apps with the Standard Usecase Wizard
  • Enhancing Apps with the Master Detail Usecase Wizard
  • Enhancing Apps with the Multi-Master Usecase Wizard
  • Enhancing Apps with the Control Wizard
  • Enhancing Apps with the Data Property Wizard

The Power of Reusing More Than Just the Usual Rules, processes, and Services.

With Apps First you can reuse the user interface components as well. Including:

  • Pads
  • Forms
  • Layouts
  • Menus
  • Skins
  • Controls
  • Data Sources
  • Data Classes
  • Data Connections
  • Brands
  • Themes
  • and much more

If you have already spent some time developing an application which consists of several forms, controls, rules, data components, and more; you can simply reuse these throughout your apps with minimal customization. This saves you lots of time so that you don't have to build them from scratch.

Say for example that you have already built one Address Capturing Form; you can reuse this UI element whenever you need it again. The same goes for many other functions in Apps First.

Everything you create or publish can be inherited or reused, reducing development costs by more than 80% on future functions matching similar requirements.

Apps First gives you tools for:

  • Documents
  • Security
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Processes
  • Rules
  • Web Design
  • and much more

You can quickly implement any of these features and give your apps a huge boost in performance and abilities.

Add-on Modules are also available for users with advanced needs to add even greater functionality to your app and design experience.

You can bring your application to market faster than ever before with our cloud based development environment.

In 90% less time and 90% less cost you can be ready for customers.

It takes 90% less time and costs Just $9 per month.

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Just $9 per month

Traditionally, most of the service providers for app development and maintenance took huge profits because they were reusing code between projects, but charging traditional development costs, and placing a financial burden on their clients.

In contrast, Apps First has developed comprehensive inheritance techniques which give you the power. With all your customized reusable elements you will save money and have your app up and running quickly.

There is no limit to the number of times that you can reuse the same features or processes throughout your apps. You can also change them anytime to fit new requirements as needed.

You can even change components without affecting the connected components.

All Of The Capabilities, None Of The Costs.
The Functionality Is At Your Fingertip.

More Custom Properties Than Any Other! 10-30 TIMES MORE!

No more half finished attempts to build your vision!

We give you all the capabilities you need.

There is so much you can do with Apps First that no other platform offers. When we compare the abilities of other app development software providers we've found that we offer 10 to 30 times more functionalities.

Customizing Apps In Apps First - This is Exciting!

For many years it was struggling to create the applications your business needed. From outrageous development costs to limited functionality. Programming custom applications for your business has always been a hassle.


Now it is possible for you to get an enterprise quality app that meets 100% of your needs.

A Marketplace to Buy or Sell Your Apps!

You can do more than just develop awesome apps. We help you bring it to the marketplace.

You can sell your Apps, Rules, UI Components, and Skins.

You can even skip the development process all together by purchasing Premade Apps, but YOU will own your users data, and YOU will reap the profits.

No more trouble with licensing, installation, or maintenance, and every app that you create with Apps First can have...

Seamless & Secure Integration With Other Apps In The Ecosystem.

Now that's functionality!

As you can see Apps First is well beyond the capabilities of any other major competitors.

You don’t have to switch platforms or start over mid development because Apps First provides the advanced capabilities that you need.

So come on! With such a significant savings of time and money, using Apps First is a no brainer.

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