Business Process Management (BPM) Simplified
Most of the Enterprise Systems have very complex business workflow process, and integration is often required with various third-party systems to ensure a smooth a run. A well-designed system uses separate tools and code-base to build each of these complex processes and service. Hence, an efficient Business Process Management system offers a unique way to build, provision, monitor and secure all processes.

It is now very much possible to develop all such Apps using the Apps First studio. However, certain applications with unique business process needs or third-party service integration may require the assistance of Process First. You can easily build any new processes and configure new services using Process First.

Process First is lightweight, efficient and well secured.



What is meant by the ‘business process’ is a collection of activities which are meant to execute each specific tasks or accomplish the task as a whole More Details...

Process Elements

A Process Thread can be broken into multiple ProcessElements. More Details...

Process Threads

A Process can be broken into multiple Process Threads. More Details...


Defining and publishing services through Process First helps you to organize, control and easily administer your services More Details...