Web Designer – To love beauty is to see light
Your App may need a unique look to rightly represent your unique business and brand. Branding components, color and spacing of website, styling of the controls, layout, and placement of the tabs all comes together to determine the beauty and uniqueness of your app. Traditionally, an expert web designer needed to be hired to bring the real charm to your web site.

However, it is not the same anymore. Our Web Designer tool will now allow you to quickly change or add components to your app and help draw out your imaginations in no time, that too without the help of any experts. These designer tools not only help you to build & use it for your App, it offers exceptional personalization capabilities too. Imagine white-labeling your application to display only your brand logo or that of your clients. Imagine displaying the color themes based on the tastes of the users or imagine the web page changes its layout by sensing the logged-in user or the device (mobile, iPADetc). All these made possible with our Web Designer toolkit for you to enjoy optimum level of personalization.

There are plenty of skins, themes and other components available in our design bank. You can easily pick one of the available components or can alter an existing one. You can even custom develop one from scratch based on your unique idea with the help of our toolset. If none of these works for you, our experienced team of web artists are always there to help develop what you need. Our on-board team is highly experience in logo designing, web development, content architecture (in a multitude of domains) and content writing – contact us now.

To love beauty is to see light - Victor Hugo


Have you ever wondered if there are some quick options to change the look and feel of your web site at one go? Say for example, adding a more appealing background image or changing theme from one color scheme to another or changing the space between controls. More Details...


While you can accomplish relatively general changes through theming, you can achieve much complex things through styling. More Details...


A skin is a combination of the theme, brand and a set of custom styles. By combining all these in right proportion, a web page can be woven with a unique look. More Details...


Branding is important in business. Promoting your company’s brand and enhancing the brand value is a key aspect in deciding the success. More Details...


It’s not mandatory that all your apps should look alike. The layout of an App can be set different from another. More Details...


Once you define your Brand, Theme, Style, Skin and Layouts – they all are connected together through the portal page. More Details...