Apps First Videos
Take a tour of Apps First

Duration: 6.53 minutes
This video explains the overview of Apps First. It explains the Features of Apps First in detail.
Demonstration on how to use Apps First.

Duration: 50.55 minutes
This video demonstrates the creation of enterprise scale Apps in few hours using Apps First. It explains how apply security and customization to the apps created using AppsFirst.
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Demo Overview of AppsFirst

Organizations may face a number of issues day by day, proper management of those issues decide the success.

Demo App Creation

This video helps to understand how can we create an App in AppsFirst platform.

Demo App Tables

This video helps you to understand how to design database for your Apps.

Demo DataClass

This video will demonstrate how to create a dataclass for your App using dataclass wizard.

Demo Entity

Here you will get a demo of how to create an Entity in your App using entity wizard .

Demo Basic Usecase

This video provides the demo for generating code for all UI components using Basic Usecase Wizard.

Demo App Preview

This video demonstrate the Preview of App created using Apps First.

Demo Standard Usecase

This video provides demo of enhancing the App created using AppFirst Platform using Standard Usecase Wizard

Demo Master Detail Usecase

This video gives a demo of creating relationship between database tables.

Demo Master Detail Master Usecase

This Video gives a demo of creating many to many relationship between tables.

Demo Data Property

This video helps to create a data property on the dataclass of the app.

Demo Control Wizard

Here you will get a demo of creating a control on form after completing the app creation.

Demo Security

Here you can understand how to secure your apps in Apps First

Demo Customization

This video helps to demonstrate the customization of app in AppsFirst.