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Apps First brings a new paradigm in custom developing business applications. It helps individuals and corporate houses to build comprehensive database-centric applications using an easy-to-handle browser-based development platform, making it a breeze to handle. You will be excited to see your first App woven perfectly with Apps First in just a few hour’s time.

Applications developed using Apps First can be deployed on cloud,private servers, or on premises. With this, the users can enjoy excellent control over administration, scalability, and diligent monitoring.

Rapid Pace & Effective Reuse

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Apps can be built in a rapid pace by using the automated code generation options and simple customization menus.

Most of the components used support multi-level inheritance – boosting up the development speed and enables easy maintenance.

Out of the box Functionality

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It is quite easy for the users to take advantage of the out-of-the-box functionality features such as Document, Security, Tasks, Notes, Processes, Rules, and Web Designer.

You can really boost up the performance of your apps by quickly integrating these features.

Market Place

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You can also purchase Apps from the Market Place, which will be ready to run in minutes. All Apps will use the same central data, which is owned by you.

You also have the scope to sell your Apps / Rules / UI Components / Skins in the market place and generate good revenue.