We offer multitude of services sectored around the Enterprise First apps - development, content, web design, testing and hosting are to name a few, which can effectively save you on subscription costs. Even if your technology choice is not Biz First – still we are happy to help you with the service of our offshore- based, top-quality technology experts.


The big enterprises have always been taking advantage of successful offshore delivery models for more than a decade now. Many of the large-scale companies reduced their IT cost by about 50-70% by effectively implementing a variety of offshore business models. In turn, many of these companies increased their success ratio by effectively reflecting this cost reduction in their product pricing - a true competitive advantage.

However, medium and smaller companies were not much leveraging the offshore-based IT model as much as their larger counterparts. But in real, smaller companies have a higher potential to enjoy cheap offshore models and high work quality because of the allowed flexibility in their processes and their small-scale needs.

Biz First Infotech offers a wide array of IT services which rightly fits these SMBs and their limited budgets. We have years-long expertise and exposure in this sector to meet all your software development needs. Our expert technologists know how to choose, deploy and use state-of-the-art tools, methodologies and approaches to best suit to any particular business or project needs.

We work in close association with our clients to understand their unique problems and in order to determine the right solution. In addition, our expert management team has in-depth experience and expertise to overcome all the challenges of multi-location and multi-technology software development efforts. Also, our Architecture Consultant group can help provide the right architecture and solutions to any of your Business IT needs.

Biz First Infotech now offers a range of software development services to all sort of clients. Our services include: