Comprehensive Testing
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In this technology era, enterprises face multitude of challenges in the Test Environment, Test Data Management and Test Automation. So, it becomes vital for the companies to have a well set testing strategy defined beforehand. Test Automation here can bring significant cost reduction for organizations.

Biz First Infotech offers expert testing services on Applications, Products and Datawarehousing. We have high-level expertise in automation as well as manual testing.

Data quality testing, Usability testing and Performance testing are some of the major services we offer.

Software Testing Life Cycle

Maximize Quality in Shorter Time

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Testing phase comprises of nearly 30% of the total software development lifecycle and any optimization in this space can bring significant cost savings to enterprises. A defect discovered in the early stages of the software development lifecycle saves dollars for the companies. Finding and repairing software defects post-production, increases the Total Cost of Ownership for the system exponentially. Agile and Continous Integration concepts are getting more popularity these days mostly because of the increased pressure on CIO to increase the time to market and the ability to quickly respond to changes and trends in the market.

Testing is a critical element within SDLC that can greatly influence application/product release on time, within budget and with the agreed level of confidence.

Predictable Outcome