Everything needed to effectively manage your projects
Plan First offers everything you need to manage a project. May it be small or large, simple or complex, single user or multi-site – Plan First can easily be initiated, positioned, and managed to bring undisputed value addition to project administration. Need not worry If your requirement is not supported by the default template, here you have option to customize Plan First to accommodate any of your specific needs. Moreover, we will be always there to support you at every step.
Plan First Reports – Insights into your project
At Plan First, you can view all relevant information across the ongoing projects in a single, quickly accessible Dashboard. By organizing projects into independent modules, it's easy to navigate to the relevant dashboard and gather needed information instantly. Project Dashboards and Task Dashboard will not only provide you analysis and indication on how well the project is running, but will also give you timely insights to help shift gears and steer towards your objective much quicker. On demand financial reporting is also available on change requests, project expenses and resource costing.

Burn Rate chart is an important tool for many project managers, which gives you accurate information on the rate of expenditure of your project and guide you to administer precautionary measures. The resource loading charts will help you normalize your expenses and effort loading. The combination of task cost report and resource report will help you to effectively device an action plan for optimal resource allocation.

The Gantt chart provides you with a great overview of your task & resource plan. The most reassuring part is that no additional work is required to get all these reports and analytics. Take it for granted that if Plan First is there in action, you will never be questioned for improper tracking or planning, and you never have to vaguely justify your burn rate or IRR.
PM Activities – Simplified
Plan First simplifies several activities involved in typical project management. 'Issue' and 'Expense' can be maintained and 'Reports' can be taken out of them. Plan First also supports quantitative analysis of risks – a wonderful technique to assign dollar value to a risk? A change management tool not only helps you maintain the CR log and cost reports, but also helps you establish a completely formal Change Management process. The task management module is an excellent tool for any project manager to device and administer a successful task management plan.

Plan First is already integrated with other Biz First apps for Document Management, User and Data Security, Notes and Diaries, Contacts and Master Data management etc. This facilitates the users to enjoy all the great features of those apps too readily available for the Plan First users.
Plan First Hosting & Setup
Plan First is hosted on Biz First's "Enterprise First" platform. If you like a dedicated hosted environment with a custom-built cloud server or on premises hosting, it is also available on request. Whichever option you choose, our support team is always ready to guide you in setting up and running the application. We will also give you training on developing any new functionality or customization of the product – no matter how large or small your account is.

You can also enable personalization for your users and clients. Branding elements like the logo or design can easily be changed by the admin. It will be a great choice if you want to white label your site or to equip it for branding or reselling purpose.


Organizations may face a number of issues day by day, proper management of those issues decide the success. More Details...


Project Risk management is an important aspect of project management. More Details...


Websites and social media can be organized using Plan First. More Details...

Task Management

Task management is the one of the most important aspects of project management. More Details...

Change Request

A project with a solid change management process in place has a much better chance of achieving its goals compared to a project with a poor or no change control process. More Details...

Document Management

Every project has its own document repository. A document repository allows the project members to upload, download, search or delete documents to the project. More Details...


Managing expenses in project is an important part of project management. More Details...


There is a smart notification feature which keeps you informed on essential issues to be addressed, as per priority.
More Details...


Project heads need to define set of rules for each user and this enables notification to intended recipients as and when it is required. More Details...

Notes and Diary

PlanFirst not only allows you to add documents to projects but also has a feature to add notes/diaries for each phase of the project. More Details...


You can add a url along with some titles. There will be a space for description if you want to note anything about that site. More Details...

Brand, Styles and layout

All Biz First Apps support branding, style, theming and layout. More Details...