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Apps First is an innovative cloud-based IDE meant to accelerate enterprise application development in a very user-friendly manner. By beating all of its competitors in the market, Apps First offers a ready-to-use platform with rich features and a wide variety of functional components.
Codes as Your Re-usable Assets
Have you ever thought that the time you spend on developing functional components can be transformed into reusable assets? Researches show that up to 40% of the development efforts can be saved for future use if there is a smart plan to reuse the components. In contrast to it, many new-age companies do not succeed in reusing the Services, Business Rules, or even Logic.

Biz First takes an insightful approach to break all these outdated traditions and offers users the power of reusing not only the rules, processes and services, but also the UI components such as Forms, Pads, Controls, Menus, Data Sources, Data Classes, Data Connections, Brands, Skins, Themes, Layouts and much more through our innovative publishing and inheritance techniques.
Integrated Security
Any system developed in Apps First evolves with a complete set of features from our carefully devised security system. Secure First is a solid identity and access management system, which enables you to implement complex security administration through simple configuration screens.
Document Management
Applications developed using Apps First also takes advantage of our full-fledged document management system. Docu First is all-set to ease up the development of all your document-related functions. You can imagine how effective it will be to have an ‘Add Doctor’ screen equipped with Photo / Video Albums or the Doctor’s Photo. You can also build a document repository or document library (with check-in/check-out) for each doctor/user.
Like any other similar system, your app will also need to deal with people. A person can appear in many 'avatars' in your system as a customer, user, employee or a prospect. Contacts First can handle all of them effectively and also bring them smoothly into the other systems. The central management of contacts follows the key principles of Master Data Management (MDM) and Customer Data Management (CDM).
Business Rules
Most of the times, database application management is not so simple. Complex business rules and business logic can make the applications extremely complex to implement and manage. Decision First; our effective Business Rules Management System, can effectively take up this task to separate the business logic from the App.
Services & Processes
If you have the need to integrate your App with third-party services, no worries. By leveraging Process First and Decision First, you can easily integrate any third-party services to your App. There is also a provision to develop custom processes and orchestrate them to form part of your customized workflow.
Web Design
No doubt that better graphics and color themes can create a better impression on the users. The Web Designer App puts forth several user-friendly tools and options to try out new Skins, Styles, Brands, Themes and Layouts to make your App much more charming.
Device Support
You can develop customized skins and layouts for mobile, iPad and Desktop users and your application will automatically pick the Device Compatible Profile by rightly sensing it.
An intelligent preference drill-down algorithm offers a flexible framework to handle the preferences at various levels - User, App, Account, Global etc.
Key Benefits: Enterprise Ready - Hosted at Third Party Servers, Cloud, or On Premise
Develop your applications at a Rapid speed

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Apps and App Modules

The primary objective of Apps First is to create a BizFirst Project to develop your first featured App. More Details...
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An Entity here can be compared to a real life entity such as a Vendor, Book, Insurance, Bank Account, Supplier or Task. More Details...
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Manage Data Sources

The Apps First Studio offers a highly systematic approach in defining and managing your data. More Details...
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Manage Data Maps

Many a times, mapping between two sets of data becomes essential. More Details...
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Data Connections and Environments

Data Connections contain essential information about the database servers and databases. More Details...
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Data Classes

The system needs to know everything about the data which it deals with. More Details...
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Forms & Listviews

One can see forms everywhere in a transaction app. Apps First allows you to quickly create Forms and integrate customized controls and menus to each form. More Details...
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Controls are the basic building blocks of any web page.
More Details...
custom UI features

Visual Pads

Pad is a rich user interface, which consists of composite UI features. More Details...
build app with own design ideas

Menus & Trees

Apps First Menu Items are much more than simple links. More Details...