BizFirst Platform


BizFirst is cloud-based database application development platform, that consist of four high level components:

1. A Hosting Platform:

BizFirst Hosting platform is a customised environment which facilitates runtime for Apps. This platform provisions storage space, database space, database and file servers, backup, and web space. It also provides basic cloud services such as metering, usage tracking, logging, cache management and activity monitoring etc. All your Apps can run on one platform. Apart from this, we also possess the ability to create custom-platforms for clients who opt for dedicated servers or on premise implementation.

2. Development Toolset/Studios

There are many different tools including;

App First - Build Your Apps
Allows you to build customized Apps; your UI and Data components can be developed using App First. This is where your development starts.
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Web Designer - Beautify Your Apps
Another mighty tool, which allows you to do custom styling and branding in your web applications. If you find the pre-defined library of skins and brands we offer in App First not fitting to your needs, here you have the option to create custom skins and brands. Remember, web designing is an art!!!
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Decision First - Manage Business Rules
Develop your custom rules here. Most of the web Apps can be built with the pre‐existing rules in App First.
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Process First - Manage Processes & Services
Lets you develop your custom processes and services here. Most of the web Apps can be built using the pre-existing Services in App First itself.
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Install First - Package and Migrate Your Apps
Once your app is developed, you will be able to package the app code for backup or migration purposes.
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Data First - For Your Complex Data Development Needs
A data integration studio for advanced data management.
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3. Foundation Components:

the major foundation components you may find are people,documents, and security.

Contacts First - Contacts and Organizations
People are the fundamental component of any business or business processes. Contacts First can handle people / contacts in a single role or multitude of roles (eg: as a user, customer, employee etc). Contacts First puts forth all basic building blocks for all people-related functions in your app.
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Docu First - Manage Documents
Like people, documents also form part of vital assets in business processes. Docu First provides you all the basic building blocks for document-related functions in your app. Just reuse the Data, UI, or Rule components and customize.
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Secure First - Manage App Security
Last, but next to none, Apps need security. Enterprise Applications need Enterprise Level Security. Secure First is a flexible and strong security framework, which is integrated to all our Studios.
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4. Apps

An application that is developed on BizFirst is hosted and managed by the platform. You will be able to download the source code of your app. You may also be able to list your App in market place and sell them free or for a price.